I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, to Vietnamese parents.  At age 12, I immigrated with my parents to suburban Chicago, finished high school, and went on to college to study Accounting.  Eventually I realized that being an accountant was not for me.  Soon after this revelation, I moved to NYC where I earned a MFA in painting.  Now, I am working discreetly in my little New York City bedroom/studio.

For me, painting is like being in a personal relationship with someone, and that someone is myself.

My work

As an artist, I am constantly searching for something more about myself.  Paint is the medium I have chosen to express this quest, using basic visual elements: color, value, shapes, and texture.

My subjects are ordinary and they usually come from my surroundings: my wife’s coffee maker, my daughters’ toys, her friends, or a picnic bench at the park.  When a subject sparks my interest, I quickly sketch it.  One of these quick drawings later becomes a reference for my paintings.  I prefer using these sketches as a reference because they provide minimal but essential information; therefore, I am forced to imagine, take chances, make mistakes, and hopefully create something unexpected and beautiful.

These paintings are records of my searches and discoveries.  It is my hope that you will view them deeply and imagine your own narratives.